Ceramic wall mural turquoise mandala [80cm/31.5"]

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size: 80.0 W × 80.0 H ×

Ceramic wall mural for homes and gardens

Ceramic mural tiles handmade in Spain

  • These ceramic murals make ideal outdoor wall art
  • Our ceramic mural wall tiles are easily installed on a wall or backing board with a strong adhesive
  • Multiple ceramic mural tiles fit together to make a large statement piece of art
  • Each tile is numbered on the back for easy installation
  • These tiles can be grouted afterwards to join it all together.  Its not a requirement but It will unite all the pieces
  • Optionally, the mural also looks great with extra space is between each tile
  • These handmade tiles are carved in deep relief using the highest quality earthenware
  • Our ceramic murals are hand painted making each one truly unique
  • Our decorative tiles are handmade in Spain.