Handmade luxury floor tiles vitreaux #2

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"Taking our lead from the gorgeous skylight above this stained glass inspired, custom vitreaux design brings light and colour into this wine cellar.  The dimensions of the design exactly match those of the skylight, focusing the eye to the centre of the room and bringing some much needed colour into the space. Guillermo Vega, Artist and Owner.
  • G.Vega ceramica design exclusive bespoke floor tiles.
  • Our floor tiles are available in a variety of patterns and finishes.
  • We design and manufacture floor tiles to any size, design or style.
  • Our patterned floor tiles are manufactured of exceptional quality.
  • Our ceramic tiles are hand painted making them truly unique. 
  • Our handmade tiles are manufactured in Marbella, Spain.
  • Our ceramics have been shipped all over the world.
  • We ship our tiles all over the world.
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