Handmade tile ceramic mural Turkish

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"This wall mural was created from designs indicated by our client. At first it seemed too simple. But once installed we loved it - elegant yet powerful. Respect to the suggestions of the client! The tobacco brown is matte, the lines are real gold and the turquoises are crystalline, sparkling with water. Do you see these specific characteristics in the photo? No!" Guillermo Vega, Artist and Owner. 
  • We specialize in the design of exclusive ceramic murals.
  • Exclusive wall mural for your patio or commercial project.
  • We make custom made ceramic murals to any size, design or style.
  • Our wall murals are made in many pieces to create large mosaic art.
  • Our ceramics are hand painted and hand carved making them truly unique. 
  • These murals are suitable for interior or exterior installation. 
  • We ship our tiles all over the world.
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