​Unique house numbers for your home entrance

​Unique house numbers for your home entrance

Ceramic house number signs

Make a great first impression to your home…choosing the right number sign is important. It is something you will see everyday and feel inspired to see when you arrive home or to welcome guests to. It’s the small details that make all the difference, that nice plant just by the entrance, the right coloured door and the hand-crafted number plaque that gives of those good vibes and makes you smile!

Gvega have created a unique line of address plaques, each one hand painted and unique. These personalized signs can fit up to 5 characters and different colour options to suit your style whether it be rustic décor or boho decor. The door signs are perfect to fit on the column on the side of a door or on your outside entrance wall.

Our ceramic style fuses deep relief carving and our unique glazing techniques. The deep carved designs highlight in the light and accentuate the design which creates something really special.

Ceramic is a wonderful material choice for a house sign, it doesn’t rust like metal, its fired in the kiln to almost 1000º degrees so the colours won’t fade in the sun and its weather proof.

There are many beautiful house number plaque options available. Yes, you can get cheaper industrial house numbers, no doubt, however there’s something about the energy of clay and the perfect imperfections of a hand painted tile. Our tiles are handmade and completely unique and will add character and love to any entrance.

Each of our house signs are handcrafted in our workshop in Marbella, Spain, We hand print the design, sand all the edges and prepare for firing, then its glazed in the kiln 2-3 times depending on the glazing technique. It’s a time consuming process, but we love the results and hope you do too!See our collection of house numbers here.

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Art is not just for inside!