SHOP: Gift ideas from the G.Vega collection

SHOP: Gift ideas from the G.Vega collection

To help inspire you in the final run up to Christmas, we’ve picked our top 5 gift ideas from the G.Vega collection. Browse this list and share our ceramic art with friends and family, or use it to drop some heavy hints.

For a stocking filler: Perfect for gardeners, expert or not, to decorate their outside space. Or stick it in an indoor plant pot to create a quirky feature. Our flower plant stakes are fantastic additions to small spaces. The plant stakes are mounted on a stainless steel rod and individually hand painted. We sell them in a range of colours too!

Buy here, from €15


 For the creative decorator: Soaring through the sky, our flying cranes make an eye catching yet calm centrepiece. They pop from the wall for an abstract wall art installation. The birds make a stunning piece grouped together on a blank wall, or placed around a door, above a bath etc, and work well to break up and add depth to any interior or exterior wall.

From €75 for a set of 6 birds

The architecture fan: Inspired by Moorish designs, with geometric shapes and patterns, our Moroccan ceramic tile collection is our most popular. Our latest designs in the Moroccan collection are our 15cm square tiles, which make beautiful decorations on a wall.

€24 per tile (we offer a 10% discount when ordering multiple tiles)


For the deep thinker:
Fish are a symbolic sign of good luck and in many cultures, can also indicate creativity, happiness, transformation and fertility. They serenely swim in abstract formation and make an interesting statement piece for the bathroom or anywhere else in the home. As they’re handmade in quality earthenware, the ceramic is suitable for interiors or exteriors and easily stick or hang on a wall.

€206 for a set of 10 in our Etsy shop

For a grand gesture: Our trademark wall art – a set of our unique deep relief carved tiles makes a wonderful statement gift. Pick and choose tiles from our 3 designs; Moroccan, Mandala or Suzani and hang them to create a stunning piece of art. Each tile is handmade and hand painted, making each one truly individual.

€673.20 for a set of 12 (including a 10% discount for ordering multiple tiles)