Inspiration - Suzani Fabric from Uzbekistan

Inspiration - Suzani Fabric from Uzbekistan

Our Suzani pieces are inspired by the beautiful Suzani fabrics from Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asia countries. Traditionally these beautifully embroidered pieces were sewn by women as part of their dowry and their daughter’s dowries and then used within the house.

Inspired by flowers

Floral motifs dominate the Uzbek Suzanis –a desert land gardens were cherished. These flower themes are familiar to us here in the South of Spain with the huge Moorish influence. We also see similar motifs of pomegranates and other fruits, combining our current influences with these much older motifs.

Texture is key

The beautiful silk stitching (Suzani actually comes from the Persian word, Suzan for needle) gives texture and depth to these amazing pieces. This texture is mimicked by our deep relief carving, carrying on the theme.

Our Suzani

As each of our tiles is handmade and hand painted they are all as unique as the beautiful Suzani pieces created by those long ago brides.  

You can view our Suzani Wall Art inspired collection here