Ideas for decorating your terrace or balcony

Ideas for decorating your terrace or balcony

Ideas for decorating your balcony or terrace.

If you have an outdoor space to decorate or its somewhere you look often, why not make it something you adore and want to look at over and over again. Our ceramics are so versatile and make great artwork for garden décor as well as functional tiles.

It´s all in the details

It doesn’t have to be a large mural installation, a grouping of beautiful tiles above an entryway or adding a few flying birds on the corner of a window can really make a stylish look. There are so many spaces that just adding those small details makes all the difference.

Colour, texture and plants, a perfect combination.

I love the combination of our coloured tiles on a white wall with some plants nearby. The combination of textures and colour creates a wonderful look. We have many colour options and are able to customize our designs to your taste also.

Asymmetrical wall space

Our circle tiles look great clustered together to make an art installation. We have many different sized circles, in different styles which can be combined to easily make a unique wall art for your balcony or terrace wall. The great thing about hanging these circle tiles is that it’s easy and fun, they don’t have to be perfectly aligned and you can go with the flow when installing them to truly create your unique work of art.

Columns and Pillars

Columns, pillars and above an entrance are great spaces to add that special decorative element to your home or garden. Above a door frame, either side of an entrance just looks fabulous with small décor details or architectural ceramics. Our tiles look great hung on a column and we have many different shaped tiles to fit different widths.

Make an impact

Don’t overload your walls, it’s a cliché but yes, less is more. Welcome negative space with a statement piece of art. Use your outdoor walls as a canvas as you would do so indoors.

Small spaces

We all have spaces that we just don’t know what to do with but we see or pass by every day.  A grouping of decorative tiles or flying birds can break up a space or create an inviting entryway.

Relief tiles

Texture makes a stylish impact too. Our white tiles are carved with deep relief and when hung in the sunlight, this truly brings out the design of the tile. As the daylight changes the wall art does too. Its more minimal but a very stylish look.

Layering patterns

Combining our tiles together adds visual interest, you won’t get bored looking at the different designs. Our designs vary from geometric Moroccan, floral Suzani and mesmerizing mandalas. They all work great with each other, don’t be afraid to combine them!

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