How create a bathroom paradise

How create a bathroom paradise

In a busy tech world where we are always on, our bathrooms should be a haven and a shrine to bathing and relaxation. If you want candlelight flickering against gorgeous Spanish and Moroccan tiles, isn’t it time you created a bathroom space fit for a king or queen? Gvega handmade tiles put the love back into hand made bathroom tiles. If you’re looking for a luxurious natural bespoke finish which will reflect your unique tastes, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to create a bathroom paradise, it’s a great idea to research your colour scheme. So just close your eyes and imagine how you’d like your bathroom to look. You can get inspiration from online magazines and high end bathrooms on property websites, but there’s just no substitute for doing your own research and putting together a mood board of exactly what you’d like your tones and colours to be. Gvega can make your dreams of luxury tiles come true. Handmade Morroccan bathroom tiles can turn your bathroom into a luxurious hammam spa where you can escape to for hours.

Perhaps your taste is to make your bathroom an homage to the east. If so, our range of handmade bathroom mandala tiles are perfect for you. We’re not ashamed to say that our mandala tiles are high end, colourful and a beautiful luxurious twist to bring some magical Eastern promise to your bathroom haven. Our handmade tiles are hand painted which means each and every one is unique.

Diamonds really are a girls’ best friend and in your bathroom, choosing a diamond tile with a beautiful relief design is going to add more than a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Whatever size or style your bathroom is, our designers create a bespoke bathrooms design and unique Moroccan arches to exactly suit your bathroom. So, if you want a bathroom you can disappear into for hours on end, why not explore Gvega tiles and contact our experts to see how our Spanish bathroom tiles can create a magical bathroom for your home.

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