BESPOKE: Moroccan style bathroom

BESPOKE: Moroccan style bathroom

We're always grateful to work with clients who trust and see the creative capabilities of our team. This project encompassed just that - a creative but technical challenge which our clients gave us full rein to explore and create. So here's how a Moroccan style bathroom came to life!

Initially, the client loved our 30cm tile collections but wanted to add something more special around the mirror with an ethnic / Moroccan theme.

We started with a sketch and worked back and forth with the client until the idea was fine-tuned. After the overall design was approved we started by carving the arch, printing the tiles, trims and meticulously calculating the details of how this elaborate puzzle would fit together.

The carving part always amazes us… how all the pieces of the puzzle come together. It's not so easy - we have to calculate shrinkage during drying and if something were to break or a mistake made, we have to start from scratch. Artist and designer Guillermo carves the clay with such conviction. He knows from years of experience how the clay will adapt in the kiln once fired.

Energy and patience as always a must in any of our projects and for this project we used quite a unique glazing technique which meant that had to be fired three times!

As all the parts slowly came together we laid it all out on our giant table to check it was all working as planned. Once we had the thumbs up from our client, the bathroom tiles were installed. As you can see from the sketch proposal, the final bathroom was near identical.

This project is a real showstopper and one of our favourite projects. Thank you to our wonderful client for making this happen.