BESPOKE: FAQs on our coveted one-to-one service

BESPOKE: FAQs on our coveted one-to-one service

At G.Vega, creating beautiful things is our passion. Since 1998 we have been designing and manufacturing exclusive ceramics, with our main offering being our bespoke service. This is where our passion for ceramic shines as we revel in the opportunity to create something from scratch, something unique from a blank canvas. Over the years, we’ve designed and installed tiles for bars and restaurants, created monstrous wall murals and smaller art pieces. We’ve created fountains, tiled tables and decorated pool houses. The variety of projects we’ve been lucky enough to been involved with has been vast, as our ceramics have infinite possibilities. We can create or recreate most contemporary and traditional ceramic styles for your house or garden, from gigantic masterpieces to delicate pieces, every one of our bespoke projects brings creative joy to the team.

Working from our workshop in the South of Spain, we’re often asked if we can work with clients overseas on an idea and the answer is yes! Via email and over the telephone, we’re able to work with you, from the design process, to the manufacture with your own specific measurements.

Here are our most frequently asked questions in regards to our bespoke offering, with answers. If you’d like more information or you have a question not answered here, please email us at

Do you ship worldwide? In short, yes. We ship our ready to buy tiles all over the world and the same goes with our bespoke projects.

At what stage of the design process should I contact G.Vega? We would love to help you at any stage of your ceramic project, though we’d say the earlier the better. If you know exactly how you’d like your bathroom tiled, know which wall to decorate or fountain to embellish, we can pull together designs to suit your taste. What’s exciting about our bespoke service, is that we can create a completely new tile design – by no means are we constrained to our existing work. Our team of three artists have years of experience and each brings their own speciality and creativity. The sooner we can help with your project, the sooner we can get to designing and working with you to create something you’ll love for years to come.

I have a bathroom or kitchen to re-tile, how could G.Vega help? If you look at the “bespoke” section on our website, you’ll see another of our specialities is field tiles (tiles covering a large surface area). We often have clients email us with the dimensions of their kitchen or bathroom, to which we can supply an existing tile design, such as a scallop or picket tile. But many clients wish for something completely unique and we’re often creating one-off tile shapes, patterns, or colours. We can work easily from email and telephone to create tiles for your space and we consult on how the tiles should be installed/fitted.

I’d like to match my tiles to a colour, is this possible? Absolutely. While our most popular work uses our eye-catching G.Vega turquoise, we can create an entire rainbow of colours, unique to your project.

If I’m ordering a large piece, how will it be packaged and posted? This would depend on the project but generally speaking we are able to package tiles, or elements of a design separately, with instructions on how to install them together to create the larger piece. We’re happy to advise on a case by case basis and sometimes clients prefer to organise the transport from their end.

How can G.Vega understand exactly what I’d like in my design? What if we can only talk over email? Since 1998 we’ve been consulting on, designing, and installing bespoke ceramics. Over the years, we’ve become quite expert at working with clients from all over the world and often, only email is possible. Firstly, we ask for some direction from the client in what they’d like – perhaps there are some tiles in our collections that they are drawn to. We agree on a budget and a deposit is made before we set to work on the design. Sometimes a visit to the client is necessary to help see how the ceramics will fit into the space and to troubleshoot any potential issues. We’d need dimensions, potential colour scheme, images of the rest of the room or space, and it can help to see any images the client has collected so that we have a better understanding of their taste. Once the design is agreed we’ll begin work in our workshop. Every single one of our tiles is individually handmade and hand painted, so each one is unique.

How should my work be fitted once it arrives? With any of our artworks, whether it’s a bespoke project or a product from our tile shop, we send specific recommendations on how the product should be installed. With bespoke projects, we consider the surface that the tiles will be applied to and we have recommendations suited to many mediums.

Wall mural designed exclusively by G.Vega

Ceramics and hamburgers, by Guillermo Vega, artist and designer

“It’s common for clients who have purchased a product from us or having looked at a product on our website, to contact us to say that our work far surpassed their best expectations. The explanation for this is simple; in a fast food restaurant we see a magnificent photo on the wall of a hamburger, taken by an excellent photographer, with the best lighting etc. We order one, just “like that”. It’s brought out to us and…yes, it’s ok, but it doesn’t impress us as much as the photograph. In our case, it’s inevitable that it’s the reverse because you cannot recreate the relief – every fragment of a piece has a difference of 1 or 2mm. This creates different reflections according to our positioning, creating a life to our work. Neither can they recreate the tones – matt, satin or shiny, and nor can they recreate the crystalline finish, like a crystal with colour.

Can we show these qualities in a photo? Will it be as good of a photo as it can be? The response is no.”