A table fit for a feast

A table fit for a feast

One of the best bits about the commission work we do is that each project is unique. There’s always something to make it interesting and challenging.

With this project the challenge was obvious from the start – the sheer scale!

Now we’ve made tables before but this one was about the size of 3 or 4 put together – 7.8 metres long (that’s 25 feet!!).

Our client was based in Tuscany, a private estate (and winery!) and the owner wanted a table big enough for the whole family. You can see from the pictures what an amazing space this was.

So in this project the challenge was obvious – design a unique table for 26 that fits with this beautiful, classic space and then ship it 2,000 km (1,200 miles) to its new home.


The first step was to create a design. Inspired by San Vincenti – the patron saint of wine. With grapes and vines we wanted to make sure the whole table flowed and felt like one complete piece.

Each tile that made up the mosaic was individually carved in deep relief and laid out before we started painting. And then assembling!

A Table fit for a feast

Shipping in Sections

Our tiles are strong, and once fitted together into a mosaic table they are heavy and sturdy. We are fortunate to have an international clientele so we’re used to international shipping. But this was a new adventure!

We shipped the table in four sections and accompanied it personally to make sure everything went perfectly.

And we even got to sit with a glass of local wine once it was there. 

See the finished product here