At G Vega, creating beautiful things is our passion. We’re a group of artists specialising in handmade, bespoke ceramic art and decorative wall tiles. Every tile is hand painted and manufactured to exceptional quality, combining art and functionality. We custom design tiles to compliment your style and with ceramic being suitable for the home or garden, our work will last a lifetime. Our products are handmade from start to finish in our workshop in Marbella, Spain but we ship to anywhere in the world. Get in touch with us today at

"It's common for clients who have bought one of our products, having seen a photo online, to contact us to say that the product far surpasses their best expectations.

The explanation is simple. In a fast food restaurant you might see a photo on the wall of a hamburger, taken by an excellent photographer, with the best lighting etc. So we decide to order a burger "like that one". It's brought out to us and yes, it's ok but it doesn't impress us like the photo does.

In the G.Vega case, it's the reverse of this. Every fragment of one of our pieces has a difference of 1 or 2mm, which creates different reflections depending on the positioning of the art, giving our work life. Every piece we create has varying tones; matt, stone, shine and crystalline colours. Can you show these qualities in a photo? The answer, is no." Guillermo Vega, Owner and Artist